How We Can Help

At Unweary Media, our mission is enabling your trek onward. We believe in your power to get where you want to go. We’re just here to make it easier. We are not the typical marketing agency that requires constant attention and payment. We want to help you create something great, then turn it over to you along with all the tools and skills you need. Schedule a free consultation to ask us about one-time services like brand strategy, search performance reports, and custom content.

Running your business is like any great adventure: Success depends on how you prepare. We are here to provide the equipment and teach you how to use it, then send you off to climb your mountain.

If you want more guidance along the way, we can do that too. We offer various tiers of monthly services like search engine optimization, and regular custom content, and analytics. Learn more about each below.

Free Advice: We Do That!

free consultations for small business

Check out our educational blog, Unweary U, for free lessons on brand strategy, digital marketing, and other relevant skills.

We can also do a free, no-obligation consultation to learn about you, your business and your goals, and to provide some basic tips for stepping up your digital presence. If you want to take it a step further, we’ll provide a quotes for paid services following the consultation.

Build Your Brand: Creative Strategy

build your brand and online image

Your business needs strong and creative branding in order to attract customers and keep them coming back. In the busy world of digital marketing, forming and promoting a consistent brand—and making it stand out—can be very difficult. We can help.

As a one-time consultation or on a contract basis, Unweary Media can help you match your brand and your audience, then solidify that identity and your relationship with your customers. We’ll also find opportunities to increase your conversion and expand your reach. On top of that, we’ll provide advice and tools for keeping your content fresh and your creativity stoked, so your brand stays relevant and popular in your market.

Get found on Google: Search Engine Optimization

Standing out in Google search

Internet search is the primary way that people find goods and services. Therefore, you need to be sure your business shows up in search, and not only that, you need to be sure the information that shows is as good as it can be. The few lines in a Google result make the first impression most potential customers will have of your business.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a set of tactics for ranking better on search engines, Google and others. It is both an art and a science, and it’s almost never easy. In a free consultation, Unweary Media can give you tips for boosting your website’s search ranking. As a paid service, we can perform a comprehensive SEO diagnosis and provide recommendations for improvement. We can also take it further by helping make those improvements over time, while continually analyzing performance. We will work with you to set goals for audience reach, then track metrics like keyword volumes, search impressions, user acquisition, and customer conversion to ensure those goals are met.

Create great Content: Custom Writing and Media

Create the best content to engage your audience and keep them coming back

Your brand is, fundamentally, an attitude that you bring to your business. It shines through in what you sell, in your interactions with customers, in your participation in your community, and in how you do business day to day. The embodiment of your brand online, however, is primarily in your content. Content is the sum of the words, graphics, pictures, and videos that you produce. Your digital content is the second impression, after the search result, that most customers will get of your business.

It’s easy to assume that the good or service you provide is what will capture someone’s attention and turn them into a customer, but actually your digital content is more important for those who find you online. Low-quality or mistargeted content is likely to turn away a site user before they ever give your products a fair assessment. Good content, on the other hand, can engage your audience and build loyalty. Most people don’t make a buying decision on the first visit to a site, but good content can keep them coming back, and the chance of conversion goes up each time they visit. The more interesting and useful your content is to your audience, the more loyalty and customers you will gain.

Social media, blog posts, newsletters, and the pages on your site are all forms of content used to engage your audience. You need high-quality and on-brand writing, photography, and videos to fulfill useful and regular content publication. Keeping that content creative and relevant is never easy, but Unweary Media can help. We can provide a content consultation with targeted inspiration and scheduling recommendations as a one-time service, but we can do more than that. Need a fresh batch of professional photos or videos for promotion? We can do that, too. We can also create custom content for you on a regular basis, like social media posts, blog articles, or newsletters. Creating content is what we do best.

Where do you want to go?

Simply tell us a bit about your business or organization, your current needs and goals, and what services you think you might be interested in. Or ask us anything! We’ll follow up soon to schedule a no-obligation consultation, which we’ll use to provide free tips on reaching your goals. If you’re interested in paid services following the consultation, we’ll customize a plan and pricing uniquely for you, with just what you need and nothing that you don’t.