Unweary Media Featured Client Projects

Southwest Jeep Adventures

Based in Moab, UT, Southwest Jeep Adventures rents fully outfitted camper jeeps to travelers–like an AirBnB adventure-mobile! Unweary Media has helped with website development, SEO, and content strategy for SW Jeep Adventures.

True Food Missoula

In Missoula, MT, True Food CSA provides healthy, locally-sourced meals for delivery and pick-up. Unweary Media has consulted and directly worked on website development, SEO, content strategy, and digital marketing for True Food.

Eric Hanson TV

Eric is the host of the show Epic Trails on Outside TV. He hikes all over the world, exploring cultures and sharing wisdom along the way. He also keeps up a blog for his fans, to which Unweary Media has consulted and contributed content.

The Azulita Project

Based in Flagstaff, AZ, The Azulita project is a nonprofit on a mission to end plastic pollution, starting with community-based sustainability. Jesse Weber maintains their website, and Unweary Media provides additional SEO and marketing services.

Jesse Weber Featured Freelance Contributions