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Mountain Bikes for Flagstaff Junior Academy

Specialized Bicycles at Flagstaff Junior Academy

Ben Jefferies is a P.E. teacher at Flagstaff Junior Academy and former wilderness therapy instructor. He knows the importance of physical activity and outdoor experiences for students. He also knows that not all kids learn or grow in the same ways, so a good physical education program should include a diversity of options. His P.E. class is one of the best around, but he found a way to make it even better when he learned about the Ride for Focus program by Specialized Bicycles.

Specialized makes bikes off all kinds that are popular around the world, and they use some of their profits to fund a grant program for grade schools. Each year, a few schools are awarded a fleet of mountain bikes along with an ongoing maintenance package. With Flagstaff's wealth of outdoor trails and bikeable roadways, introducing our town's students to biking seemed like a necessity to Mr. Jefferies. He applied for the program this year and won! Flagstaff Junior Academy is now the proud proprietor of 30 brand new mountain bikes worth more than $30,000 that the middle school students can use to improve their mental focus and physical fitness under Mr. Jefferies' instruction.

In the application required proving Flagstaff Junior Academy and the greater community are deserving of the esteemed award, and that the bikes would be well used and well cared for. After making it through the first few rounds of written applications, Mr. Jefferies learned he needed to make a short video to showcase the school. He asked me to help make the video, and gladly I joined in. This is a cause I am absolutely all for! We made a video at the school featuring Ben and some of his students, convincing Specialized that we should win the grant, and it worked! I am so happy to have a small part in making this a reality. Congratulations to you Mr. Jefferies and to your awesome students!


Mr. Jefferies at Specialized Headquarters in San Francisco
Mr. Jeffries at Specialized Headquarters in San Francisco
Bicycle delivery to Flagstaff Junior Academy
Bicycle delivery to Flagstaff Junior Academy